ESPAM FORMATION University also known as Ecole Supierieure Panafricaine De Management Applique is one of the most prestigious private higher education establishment in Cotonou. It was created in October 2007 and was conceived as a bilingual pan african university(French and English) and has since developed into a modern university with a proud tradition of building and maintaining functional academic platform for many of French and English speaking students in the West African region.

Since education is the key of the development of any competitive and flourishing nation, our vision is to participate in the creation of competent African human resources to cope with contemporary realities so as to be a privilege instrument for the development of entrepreneurship for the well being of African populations.

  1. To train, develop and retrain in all areas of social sciences, senior and middle managers in order to increase and specialize their skills
  2. To carry out research actions on subjects relating to management, economic development, microfinance and other sectors of the social science
  3. To develop new products and markets that can give global standards
  4. To give advisory support to private and public institutions.
  5. To ensure short-term trainings relating to the use of ICT in audiovisual and computer graphics.

ESPAM Formation benefits from the support of several national and international partners, both technically and financially. The main partners are: the government of Benin, the federal government of Nigeria, Commercial banks of Benin, ISMA of Doula in Cameroun, Greenwish University in Pakistan, Kingdom Life Christian University of America, Embassy of Venezuela in Benin, UNESCO etc.



Each student gets the advantage of choosing freely any department of choice as far as the student’s 0 level result meets up with the requirement of the department he choose. Each student also take a memory text exam to prepare their mind for what they are going to face in any department.


We offer training courses to all our engineering students. Our students gets the added advantage of standing out among other students offering the same engineering courses in other schools. High level of seriousness among our students is also one of our moral values.


Experienced and qualified lecturers from around the world are brought in to pass on their knowledge and experiences to our students. Lecturers that understands the true meaning and value of education, put their effort into instructing in the legacy standards of education.


We offer the best and most condusive learning environment;Fully air contioned classrooms, Organised computer laboratories, Well equipped medical lab. Learning in a good and condusive environment accelerate the learning speed of students and improves their productivity.