Get the experience you need to get ahead

At ESPAM University, we believe there’s no teacher like experience. When you’re powered by our collective, you multiply your potential to go beyond the classroom theory and on to achieve truly remarkable things.

That’s why we’ve knocked down the walls between academia and industry to give you inbuilt internships and courses co-created by industry professionals, all so you can receive the perfect blend of academic and real-world experience before you start your career.



Each student gets the advantage of choosing freely any department of choice as far as the student’s 0 level result meets up with the requirement of the department he choose. Each student also take a memory text exam to prepare their mind for what they are going to face in any department.


We offer training courses to all our engineering students. Our students gets the added advantage of standing out among other students offering the same engineering courses in other schools. High level of seriousness among our students is also one of our moral values.


Experienced and qualified lecturers from around the world are brought in to pass on their knowledge and experiences to our students. Lecturers that understands the true meaning and value of education, put their effort into instructing in the legacy standards of education.


We offer the best and most condusive learning environment;Fully air contioned classrooms, Organised computer laboratories, Well equipped medical lab. Learning in a good and condusive environment accelerate the learning speed of students and improves their productivity.