Economics Departments


Welcome to the information page of Economics department of ESPAM - formation university, here you'll get the neccessary information needed about the department.


The department aims to be a department of excellence that will produce high quality graduates and undertakes active research in economics and related disciplines to meet the demand of the individual and the society. In addition, the department expects to impact positively on the strategic development of the institution and society at large.
It is the objective of the Department of Economics to:
1. Tain highly specialized economists that would be able to meet the increased needs of the labour market and society in general.
2.Contribute to the promotion of the Economics Science.
3. train economists who are not just familiar with economic theories, but are also conscious of the limitations of the theories in relation to the economic realities in African Society.
In achieving the first objective, teaching in the department aims to develop student's critical thinking as well as to prepare them for a proper analysis of complex socio-economic data.
The courses are organized in a semester base. The semester are divided into two. All semesters for a degree amount to eight. Besides the bachelor degree, students have the opportunity to continue their studies in a postgraduate level so as to acquire a Master and Ph.D degree.
The Department of Economics aims to offer qualitative education and to promote research following international standards.
Students admitted into the department are expected to offer same course with the other departments in the faculty to allow for general grounding in the Social and management Science for the would be Economist

General Information

West Africa School Certificate/GCE,NECO or its equivalent with credit passses in at least five [5] subjects which must include English Language and Mathematics, Economics obtained in not more than two[2] sittings.In addition, the candidate must sit for and pass the school internal admission examination.

The Ordinary National Diploma in Economics or any other relevant subject; two subjects at the GCE A/L or HSC, one of which should be Accounting and the other either Economics or Business Management.
To graduate, students admitted into the 8 semester programme of the department must successfully complete a minimum of 165 credits, while students undergoing the 3-years programme are required to accumulate a minimum of 125 credits.

The performance of students in the departments is calculated based on the following methods.

i. Practical assignments,
ii. Class works and other assignments,
iii. Quiz,
iv. Semester Examination.
A maximum score of 40% is allocated to (i),(ii),(iii), while(iv) is allocated a maximum of 60%