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Welcome to the information page of Accounting department of ESPAM - formation university, here you'll get the neccessary information needed about the department.


The department of accounting is fashioned to produce high level Accounting personnel and also through research and publicaions to contribute to the growth of accounting knowledge as well as improve the quality of professional accounting knoledge as well as improve the quality of professional accounting practice. There is nedd for the accountant to see and carry himself as a member of the organization, thus the need for accountant to be grounded in the aspects of economics and managemnt in addition to his specialization.
Through continuing research the programmes of the department aim to expand the scope of application of accounting discipline in promoting and enhancing economic development. Consequently, it is the goal of the department to arouse interests as well as hold the search light in research and experimentation in every nranch of accountancy .

General Information

West Africa School Certificate/GCE,NECO or its equivalent with credit passses in at least five [5] subjects which must include English Language and Mathematics, obtained in not more than two[2] sittings. Merit passes in English and Mathematics at the Teachers Grade II certificate Examination may be accepted.In addition, the candidate must sit for and pass the school internal admission examination.

The Bachelor of Science honours in Accoutning is awarded to students on completion of the 4 years programme of the department in which students must successfully complete a minimum of 161 credits approximately shared equally over eight semesters. However, students on 3 years programme are to complete a minimum of 125 credits in addition to the satisfactory completion of Industrial training.Students admitted into the department are expected to offer same course the other departments in faculty to allow grounding in the Social and management Sciences for the would be Accountant.

The performance of students in the departments is calculated based on the following methods.

i. Practical assignments,
ii. Class works and other assignments,
iii. Quiz,
iv. Semester Examination.
A maximum score of 40% is allocated to (i),(ii),(iii), while(iv) is allocated a maximum of 60%

Teaching in the department is tailored in such a manner that spotlights the importance of apllication and research. At each level, students should be able to identify problems, and then employ empirical methods to finding solution to such problems, using provided facilities as well as classroom experience. The depatment is also assisted in a number of its courses by various departments in the faculty as well as other departments in Social Sciences and also the departments of Computer Science and French.